About Us

“Our vision statement concerns expansion and continuous improvement in quality. We envision becoming a complete advertising company in order to provide our clients and potential client’s opportunity to a wide variety of advertising services. Along with ongoing research and development, we foresee our employees to be the experts in the advertising industry. In addition, with continual improvements in advertising strategies, we imagine fulfilling our customer’s needs on a higher level of service and creativity, which is important in the advertising world.

At Baltimore Washington Billboards, Inc. (BWB), the organizational mission is, “To provide successful mobile billboard advertising campaigns for clients that have a need to promote businesses, products, services, or events. As an organization, we need to recognize the importance of adhering to effective management practices in order to maximize efficiencies within processes and procedures; ultimately, increasing customer satisfaction.” To obtain this mission, we shall commit ourselves to total quality management and productivity for the satisfaction of our consumers.