Insurance Mobile Billboard Advertising Campaign

GEBA Mobile Billboard Campaign

GEBA Mobile Billboard Campaign

BWBillboards is pleased to announce another campaign for GEBA (Government Employees’ Benefit Association) promoting open enrollment for dental and vision insurance in the Washington DC and Virginia area.

This is the third year GEBA has been working with BWBillboards to promote open enrollment periods in the Washington DC and Virginia areas.  The specific geographic targeting offered by a mobile billboard campaign is just one of the reasons GEBA has been choosing mobile billboards to aid in promoting open enrollment periods.

Mobile billboards are a fantastic option for any business looking to promote a special offer, new location, new product/service, or other promotional offer because they allow advertisers to target specific areas and demographics based on their target market.

“Instead of working with a traditional billboard agency and displaying your ad in a predetermined area based on availability, mobile billboards allow us to literally target any location at any time to put our clients in complete control of their advertising campaign” says Michael Mobilio, managing partner of BWBillboards.

BWBillboards looks forward to concluding another successful advertising campaign with GEBA as this open enrollment period comes to a close.

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Health Media Mobile Billboard Campaign

A BWBillboards mobile billboard advertising truck featuring Health Media.

A BWBillboards mobile billboard advertising truck featuring Health Media.

BWBillboards recently had the pleasure of working with Health Media to aid in a local advertising campaign to promote the Navel Expo starting November 3, 2013, an expo featuring Dr. Jeffery Life focused on health and wellness.

As part of the campaign, our mobile billboard truck traveled the local area visiting area health clubs, gyms, and medical offices to deliver brochures and information about the expo.  Health Media CEO Alex Lubarsky followed along with our billboard truck to deliver the materials and answer questions about the health and wellness expo.

The campaign went very well, and Lubarsky says that the use of the mobile billboard truck “got them a lot more attention” and that he was pleased with the experience and the truck.

Mobile billboards are great for all types of advertising, however due to their mobility and relatively low cost compared to other advertising means, they are a great tool to aid in promoting an event, trade show, or expo.  In this campaign, the truck was used as a tool to gain the attention in a local area as the truck drove around town, however it was also used by the company’s CEO as a promotional tool as the truck followed them around to targeted locations to deliver additional information about their event.  This double-use can help a client get the most out of their mobile billboard campaign.  For more information or to discuss a mobile billboard campaign for your business, contact us today at 866-526-3629.

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BWBillboards Concludes Successful Campaign For Queen Latifah Show

BWBillboards mobile billboard truck with the Queen Latifah show billboard.

BWBillboards mobile billboard truck with the Queen Latifah show billboard.

BWBillboards has recently concluded a mobile billboard campaign for the Queen Latifah Show, a new show premiering today (September 16, 2013) on ABC 7.

The campaign ran for the last three weeks in anticipation of the launch of the new daytime television show and was part of a national push to gain more visibility for the launch of the new show.

Mobile billboards are a fantastic option for getting the word out about any product or service, however play a critical role in the launch of a new product or service.  With their wide reach, mobile billboards can be one of the best way to target a specific demographic area with the message you are trying to convey exactly when you want.

While this billboard campaign only played a small role in the overall launch of the new Queen Latifah show, we at BWBillboards know the advertisement had great reach and achieved it’s goal of getting more visibility in our geographic area.

For more information on how mobile advertising can help your business launch a new product or service, contact BWBillboards at 866-526-3629.

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Advantages & Benefits Of Mobile Billboard Advertising

One of our mobile billboard trucks parked on a busy street for an Under Armour campaign in Baltimore, MD.

One of our mobile billboard trucks parked on a busy street for an Under Armour campaign in Baltimore, MD.

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is what are the advantages or benefits of advertising with a mobile billboard truck and why would advertising on a mobile billboard be better than a stationary billboard?

We’ve been helping businesses in the mid-Atlantic region for years with their advertising campaigns, and have seen numerous successful campaigns.  Many of our clients provide us their feedback after advertising with stationary billboards and other advertising means, and over the years we’ve compiled five top benefits we deliver to our clients through mobile billboard advertising:

  1. Target Specific Areas: Perhaps the largest advantage of mobile billboard advertising is the areas you can target.  With traditional, stationary billboards, your ad is displayed where the billboard stand exists.  With mobile billboard advertising, we can drive our trucks through certain areas at certain times of the day, park at a specific location for a stationary billboard, or a combination of the two.  This gives you full control over who sees your billboard and when.
  2. Cost Savings: Our billboard trucks offer a significant cost savings over most TV ads, radio ads, and even stationary billboards.  In today’s tough economy, businesses need to most efficient and effective way to get their message out, and we’re able to provide that.
  3. GPS Tracking: We provide our clients with GPS tracking reports to show exactly where the billboard trucks have been. This gives you an extremely detailed level of reporting that you simply don’t get from other advertising means.
  4. Control: It’s much easier to add more billboards, remove billboards, or start and stop a campaign with a mobile billboard truck than a conventional billboard.  We strive to provide you with as much control over your campaign as possible to help ensure our clients receive exactly what they’re looking for.
  5. More Noticeable: Let’s face it, we’re constantly plastered with billboards on the highway, ads on TV, and sales pitches on the radio.  Billboard trucks are a more unique advertising medium with less noise involved.  A billboard truck will catch your audience’s attention much better than many other advertising means.

These are just a few reasons why we believe mobile billboard advertising is a fantastic advertising option for businesses both large and small.  For more information, contact our helpful team at 866-526-3629!

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Successful Billboard Truck Recruitment Campaign For Dominos Pizza

Dominos Recruiting Mobile Billboard Campaign

Dominos Recruiting Mobile Billboard Campaign

BWBillboards recently concluded a successful mobile billboard advertising campaign for Domino’s pizza, announcing new management and team member positions at the local Domino’s location.

The campaign began with designing a flashy billboard ad that would stand out on the billboard truck and was followed by printing the actual advertisement and affixing it to the billboard truck.  This campaign wasn’t a mobile campaign, rather the billboard truck was parked stationary in the parking lot in front of the Domino’s pizza location.  Mike Mobilio, managing partner of BWBillboards, determined placing the billboard truck in a stationary position in the parking lot was a good option for Domino’s pizza because of the high amount of traffic passing by the storefront.

The billboard truck gave Domino’s pizza the advantage of having a large billboard advertisement in a location they otherwise couldn’t use for advertising.  The alternative in this case was posting the job announcement in the Domino’s storefront, but it wouldn’t have nearly as dramatic of an impact or reach as parking a mobile billboard truck in front of the franchise location.

After just one week of the truck being parked on location, Domino’s pizza was able to fulfill their recruiting requirements.

Our mobile billboard trucks offer unique solutions to reach the specific target market you’re trying to reach.   We allow anyone to take their message directly to the target when they want and where they want.  For more information on our advertising solutions, call billboard expert Mike Mobilio, managing partner of BWBillboards, at 866-526-3629.


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BWBillboards Announces Nationwide Service

BWBillboards is proud to announce nation wide service from coast to coast!  We’ve expanded outside the east coast to better service our existing customers and also expand our ability to assist new customers in markets outside the east coast.

Now our mobile billboard advertising campaigns can reach literally any area within the lower 48 states.

Mobile billboard advertising is a fantastic solution for any business looking to target a specific demographic area or group.  Rather than a traditional billboard, our billboards stand out, are fully mobile, and can target as many or as few areas as necessary.

As an example of our billboards in action, we can easily take a product or service targeted at college students and utilize a specific college campus or multiple campuses in an area to target college aged students.  We can also handle broad campaigns looking to simply gain exposure from any group, and try and get the most views possible by positioning the billboard trucks in busy areas at the right time of day.

In addition to these great features, we also provide full reports to show the area targeted via GPS tracking installed on each of our trucks.  This provides clients with information such as the area targeted, time of day/duration, and other critical information to gauge the success of the campaign.  But many of our clients don’t even need these reports, they are happy with the results when they quickly notice the large increase in business!

For more information or to start your own billboard campaign anywhere in the lower 48 states, contact us today at 866-526-3629 and our mobile billboard specialist will help formulate a campaign to improve your business!

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BWBillboards Service Locations

Baltimore Washington Billboards (BWB) currently services the eastern coast, including the following states:

  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
While we don’t service the entire United States at this point, we do represent a large geographical area that can help your business target new customers in these areas.  Our billboard trucks are available to rent on several different hourly plans and will truly help you gain the exposure you need for your business.
Whether your business is located right in our backyard or you are located across the country and simply want to target new clients in our area, BWB can help your by providing high quality billboard services at affordable prices.
Our clients include companies large and small, including fortune 500 companies running promotions, and we have the experience necessary to properly manage your billboard campaign and make sure you see the best results possible.
Contact us today to learn more about how a mobile billboard can help your business get more exposure!
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