Mobile Billboard Advertising for your Business

Imagine the impact that your advertisement can have when it is on a mobile billboard truck that is driving around town. Your ad will always be moving, which means your advertisement will be covering a wider geographic area than a regular billboard. Mobile billboard advertising catches potential customers’ eyes, which makes it the ideal way to promote a product, business, or an upcoming event.

Gain recognition and brand awareness for your business with the precision targeting of our mobile billboards. By placing your advertisement on one of BALTIMORE WASHINGTON BILLBOARDS’ mobile billboard trucks, you will reach numerous customers that other advertising platforms cannot reach. Our company has a fleet of trucks fabricated into full-size billboards which allows us to take your ad campaign directly to the people by traveling throughout the city.

Request an estimate to promote your business, product, or event on a mobile billboard by calling our team at 866.526.3629 today. We will provide you with affordable rates because we understand the importance of showcasing your ad without costing a fortune. Our service area includes cities in WASHINGTON DC, MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA.


Why Choose Mobile Billboards?

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is what are the advantages or benefits of advertising with a mobile billboard truck and why would advertising on a mobile billboard be better than a stationary billboard?

We’ve been helping businesses in the mid-Atlantic region for years with their advertising campaigns, and have seen numerous successful campaigns.  Many of our clients provide us their feedback after advertising with stationary billboards and other advertising means, and over the years we’ve compiled five top benefits we deliver to our clients through mobile billboard advertising:

  1. Target Specific Areas: Perhaps the largest advantage of mobile billboard advertising is the areas you can target.  With traditional, stationary billboards, your ad is displayed where the billboard stand exists.  With mobile billboard advertising, we can drive our trucks through certain areas at certain times of the day, park at a specific location for a stationary billboard, or a combination of the two.  This gives you full control over who sees your billboard and when.
  2. Cost Savings: Our billboard trucks offer a significant cost savings over most TV ads, radio ads, and even stationary billboards.  In today’s tough economy, businesses need to most efficient and effective way to get their message out, and we’re able to provide that.
  3. GPS Tracking: We provide our clients with GPS tracking reports to show exactly where the billboard trucks have been. This gives you an extremely detailed level of reporting that you simply don’t get from other advertising means.
  4. Control: It’s much easier to add more billboards, remove billboards, or start and stop a campaign with a mobile billboard truck than a conventional billboard.  We strive to provide you with as much control over your campaign as possible to help ensure our clients receive exactly what they’re looking for.
  5. More Noticeable: Let’s face it, we’re constantly plastered with billboards on the highway, ads on TV, and sales pitches on the radio.  Billboard trucks are a more unique advertising medium with less noise involved.  A billboard truck will catch your audience’s attention much better than many other advertising means.

These are just a few reasons why we believe mobile billboard advertising is a fantastic advertising option for businesses both large and small.  For more information, contact our helpful team at 1-866-526-3629!